Wooden Boats of the North Coast (and Beyond)— F, G

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Updated September 4, 2012
Names in blue indicate vessels believed to be still afloat

Name Date Built Where builit Builder Length Type Original Owner Notes Official No. Port of Registry
F. G. 1933 Bella Bella
29.0 x 8.5 x 3.2

1938, 1953 owner: Fred Gjerlang, Nanaimo 170621 Victoria
F. H. Phippen 1910 North Vancouver

1938 owner: James Morrison, Prince Rupert 130292 Prince Rupert
Fair Heide 1976 Quadra Island Daniel Le Clere 39

1985, 1992 owner: J. Vanderheide, Comox
2012 owner in Nanaimo
393955 Nanaimo
Fairview II 1957 Prince Rupert Wahl Boatyard Ltd.

Registerd April 18, 1957
1985, 1992 owner: E. Juliussen, Richmond
2006 owner: Richmond
2012 owner in Port Hardy
189614 Prince Rupert
Fairweather 1964 Prince Rupert Wahl Boat Yard Ltd. 34

Registered 1964 05 15
1985 owner: PR Fishermens' Credit Union
1992 owner: R. Barber, Sidney
2006 owner: Vancouver
320882 Prince Rupert
Falcon Rock 1960 Victoria McKay-Cormack Ltd
Fisheries patrol / pleasure Dept of Fisheries 1992 owner: Dept of Fisheries & Oceans, Ottawa
2012 owner in Victoria
312855 Prince Rupert
Falo 1937 Prince Rupert

Registered ca. 1951
1953 owner: H. Sund, Prince Rupert.
194280 Prince Rupert
Fan Isle 1961 Fairview Prince Rupert Boatyard Ltd Wahl 42
Frank Amstutz, Nanaimo Launched March 23, 1961. Christened by Mrs. W. J. Currie. 270 hp diesel engine. PRDN March 24, 1961
1985 owner: J. Milton, Vancouver
1992 owner: Blair Head, Gibsons
2006, 2012 owner in Powell River
313060 Prince Rupert
Fantasy Isle (ex Barbara Jean No. 1; became Sandavore) 1963 Prince Rupert Wahl 36

Registered March 25, 1963
1985 owner: Burdick Fishing, Nanaimo
1992 owner (Fantasy Isle): S. Erikson, Black Creek
2006 owner: North Saanich
2011 registered in Victoria
2012 owner (Sandavore) in North Saanich
318988 Nanaimo; Victoria
Far North 1957 Sointula

1985 owner: M. Bazilli, Masset
1992 owner:D. Prosser, Prince Rupert
2012 owner in Duncan
189962 Prince Rupert
Far Reach 1983 Oona River
58 steel
1985 owner: J. Randall, Oona River
[need to find the story on this.. . a steel boat built in Oona?]
802673 Prince Rupert
Farris 1940 Dodge Cove Wahl 3200x9.6x3.9

1953 owner: Peder Jensen, Columbia Yacht Basin, Vancouver
1985 owner: P. Seppanen, Surrey
1992 owner: Gary Ulland, Gabriola Island
Closed Dec. 14, 1999
Image Link (UBC Fisherman Publishing Coll.)
178041 Vancouver
Fatima 1945 Cow Bay Kaien Industries
troller Edward Ling Launched in November, 1945. "clearly shows the east coast influence of her builders and designers, Bill Allaire and Harry Lloyd. Semi-V bottom. PRDN Jan 5, 1946.

Fearful 1912 Fraser Mills

1938 owner: North Western Dredging 130494 New Westminster
Fearless 1964 Oona River Letts, Fred 36 logging Mckay, Harold Oona R. list: 36' logging workboat

Fiesta No. 1 1952 Prince Rupert Wahl 31

1953 owner: Henry E. Wahl, Dodge Cove.
1985 owner: Ingrid Schulson, Ladysmith
Closed Nov. 29, 1990
194985 Prince Rupert
Finella 1930 New Westminsster   39.3x13.3x5.4

Fromerly, the Metcalf.
1938 owner: David Ritchie et al, Prince Rupert

156584 Prince Rupert
Fishboy 1918 Lund   32.3x9.0x4.1

1938 owner: Judd Moore, Frederick Arm

140916 Vancouver
First Try 1980 Terrace
44 concrete
1985 owner: James Allen, Terrace 392898 Prince Rupert
Five Princes 1946 Prince Rupert Crawley and Dedricksen 44.4x14.1x6.3 tuna-halibut John Prince 1946: Prince prev. owned the Dundas. (WF Ap. 1946: 56; WF May46:16)
1953 owner: John Prince, Prince Rupert
176242 Prince Rupert
Five Roses 1924 Prince Rupert Rose, R. T. J. 28 launch R. T. J. Rose built by owner at home on Seventh Ave. West. Skidded down to waterside by Lindsay Transfer. PRDN May 23 1924.

Flame 1966 Prince Rupert Larsen, Donald A. 32

1985, 2012 owner: D. Larsen, Prince Rupert 320929 Prince Rupert
Flapper, The 1924
Rose, Cecil ( R. T. J?) 13 speed boat
Cecil Rose building at his home on 7th Ave. W. on the ways recently vacated by the Five Roses. V hydroplane design with surface propeller. 12-16 hp kermath engine. PRDN May 31, 1924.

Florence G 1927 Cow Bay McLeans 45.9 x 11.7 x 4.3 seine Gosse Packing Co.

Left June 23/27 for Captain's Cove cannery. PR Daily News June 25, 1927.
1938 owner: James Lewis, Kitkatla
1938, 1948 skipper, Florence G: James Lewis, Kitkatla
1953 owner: BC Packers

154519 Prince Rupert
Florentina O. 1940 Alert Bay
38 troller
1953 owner: Julian Olney, Alert Bay
1985 owner: Colin Skinner, Alert Bay
1992 owner: Harbour City Ventures, Nanaimo
Registration closed Feb 24 1994
172531 Vancouver

Troller Torkel Torklesen Torklesen was a Dodge Cove pioneer. Came to PR in 1916 and started trolling; continued with Folk till 1950. Died 1951 age 64. PR DN Oct 23, 1951.

Forty-Niner II 1949 Prince Rupert Ed Wahl 29x6x5

1992 owner: Wallace Thompson, Prince Rupert
2012 owners in Williams Lake
198568 Prince Rupert
Four Forty 1944 Prince Rupert, Cow Bay Crawley Didricksen Cow Bay Boatworks 38.5x11.9x4.8 halibut
picture in WF June 1946: 110.
1953 owner: Perry York, Prince Rupert
1985, 1992 owner: A. Melin, Prince Rupert
Registration closed Jan 16, 2002
175456 Prince Rupert
Frala 1947 Prince Rupert

1953 owner: Cassiar Packing Co. 177979 Prince Rupert
Fram II 1930 Digby Island (Prince Rupert) Wahl, Edward 32.7x9.5x4.2
Ed Wahl Registered Jan 21, 1931
1938, 1953 owner: Harry Hansen, Prince Rupert
1985, 2006 owner: David Laurenson, Nanaimo
156815 Prince Rupert
Frances R. (ex B. C. Troller) 1940 Cascade Harbour [Cholberg?] 38 troller
1941 owner: Frederick Kohse, Kelsey Bay
1948 owner (BC Troller): Jack Ryall, Vancouver
1950 owner (Frances R.): Jack Ryall, Vancouver
1953, 1956 owner (BC Troller): Olai Waage, Vancouver
1972 owner: James Stevenson, Vancouver
1985 owner: Summer Wind Ent. Courtenay
1992 owner: K. C. Melnyk, Courtney
Registry closed March 19, 1999
172500 Vancouver
Francis Sean Two (ex Misty) 1942 Bella Bella Larsen, Walter 34.3x10.5x4.5

1953 owner: T.Hansen, Vancouver
1985 owner: J. Westman, Vancouver
2007 owner in Port Coquitlam
197378 Vancouver
Frants (became Pacific Wave) 1938 Prince Rupert Suehiro, Y. 32x11x9

1985 owner: J. Taylor, Bowen Island
1988 - registered in Nanaimo
1992 owner: B. Street, Courtenay
2006 owner in Nanoose
2012 owner (Pacific Wave) in Port Hardy
313100 Prince Rupert; Nanaimo
Fred C. S. No. II 1927 Alert Bay

1938 owner: Arthur Master, New Westminster 155084 Vancouver
Oona River Tysse, Rasmus

rebuilt Linnea

Friend Ship IV / Terror Point 1951 Quatsino

Oona River Iverson, Krist 31
Norman Iverson

Fuen (became Nordot) 1946 Masset (New Massett) Wylie, Alexander 36 troller A. T. Jorgensen, Prince Rupert 1946: A. T. Jorgensen of Prince Rupert has been putting the finishing touches to his new 38-foot troller Fuen powered with a Crown engine and McBain gurdies. It was built at A. Wylie Yard at Masset. (WF June 1946: 43)
1953 owner: Richard Sylvester, Prince Rupert
1985, 1992 owner Nordot): J. Moran, Prince Rupert
Registration closed May 19, 2000
176247 Prince Rupert
Full Moon 1959 Prince Rupert Wahl Boatyard Ltd. 33

Registered Oct. 15, 1959
1985, 1992 owner: K. Singer, Nanaimo
2006, 2012 owner in Nanaimo
311903 Prince Rupert
Full Moon 1912 Vancouver 48.0x10.5x5.3

1953 owner: William Kergin, Prince Rupert 130847 Prince Rupert
Funkis 1940 Prince Rupert
41.5x12.8x6.6 halibut Red Petersen On cover of June 1942 Western Fisheris. Powered with 70 hp Caterpillar.
1953 owner: Trygvie Pedersen, Port Albion
172473 Prince Rupert
Name Date Built Where builit Builder Length Type Original Owner Notes Official No. Port of Registry
G & S No. 1

Cholberg ?

A scow, said in register to have been built in Nanaimo, n.d.
(Comes up with a search of Cholberg in online Vessel Registry)
1972 owner: Merril Jones, Roberts Creek
Registration closed Nov 4 2011.

G.S.M. No. 60 1916 Georgetown
46.4x22.2x5.1 Scow-Chd Georgetown Sawmill Co.
Gagoom 1921 Prince Rupert Dry dock 50? x 9 pleasure H. J. Turney. Dr. W. T. Kergin Dr. Kergin bought it. Finishing touches being put on at Yacht club. PR Daily News, Ap 8, 1922
(Gagoom means seagull in Sm'algyax, the language of the Tsimshian.)

Gail Delores 1962 Kitkatla Nelson, James A. 36
James Nelson, Kitkatla 1992, 2012 owner: James Nelson, Kitkatla 313079 Prince Rupert
Gail Kay 1961 Masset Taylor, Alexander 39

1967: registered in Nanaimo
1985 owner: T. Russell, Campbell River
1992, 2012 owner: Gray Seas Fishing, Port McNeil
313066 Nanaimo
Gallows Point 1968 Prince Rupert Prince Rupert Boatyard Ltd Wahl 37

1985, 1992 owner: R. Hesketh, Cobble Hill
Closed March 23, 2000
329313 Nanaimo
Gay Corsair

1946: Harold Gaspersen, Vancouver, has taken over the Gay Corsair, powered with a Crown Chrysler. He will first fish the Skeena, then come south for the Fraser. (WF April 46: 80)
Fished by Fred Bolton of Hartley Bay

Lewis Island Rosang, Emil 28' halibut Paul Rosang source: V. Garreson notes, 1983

Gem 1898 Metlakatla
45 x 14.6 x 4.6 Schr-GLT
1916 owner: Luke Mark, Massett 111774 Victoria
Genn Isle 1960 Oona River Rosang, Ole 31 Gillnet
Oona River list: 36' gillnetter. Used same models as Newfield; with yellow cedar ribs.
1985 owner: Hawkshaw Enterprises, Vancouver
1992: J. Ralph, Port Edward
2006: Ralph, Prince Rupert
Registration closed Jy 31 2006
313052 Prince Rupert
Genny II 1933 Prince Rupert Suehiro, Y. 28.5x9.4x3.2

1938 owner: C. Berg, Prince Rupert
1953 owner: Olaf Danielsen, Vancouver.
1985 owner: R. Matthew, Port Alberni
1992 owner: Katiro Ventures, Richmond
Registration closed March 29, 2001
158757 Vancouver
George D.

Fred Dudoward, Port Simpson from P. S. for supplies and minor repairs. PR Daily News, Jn 10, 1922

Geraldine J / Reva J. 1949 Port Alice

1985 owner: G. Sadler, Ucluelet

Gertrude G. 1927 Prince Rupert

Registered ca. 1941
1953 owner: E. Group, New Westminster
173174 New Westminster
Getty 1927 Vancouver Harbour Boat Yards 45' seine Serge Stone, Namu

1927-1968 owners: Henry Bell-Irving (ABC Packing)
1969-1970 owners: Nelson Brothers Fishing
1971 owner: Johan Trolin, Victoria
1972-1983 owner: Ross Murray, Victoria
1984 owner: Michael Chadbourne, Vancouver
1986 owner: McCoy Fishing, Vancouver
1989 owner: Hon Van Lam, Vancouver
1991 owner: New Master Seafood, Richmond
2003 owner: Kevin Smith, Hagensburg
Read more about the Getty

Gillian (ex Myra S.) 1958 Port Edward Tasaka, Jack 31

1963 owner (Myra S.) Andrew Snellman, Prince Rupert
1985 owner: 268232 BC Ltd Prince Rupert
1992 owner (Gillian): Northern Native Fishing Corp
189628 Prince Rupert

? of Port Simpson PR Daily News, Mar 25, 1922

Gladiator 1967 Prince Rupert Wick Brothers Boatyards 39

1985, 2012 owner in Madeira Park 327131 Prince Rupert
Gladys G. 1948 Port Simpson Gosnell, Tom 41.6x12.7x5.8
Tom Gosnell, Port Simpson? 1985, 2007 owner: Tom Gosnell, Port Simpson 179566 Prince Rupert
Gladys U. 1946 Prince Rupert Kaien Industries 36

1953 owner: Vincent Uvell, Prince Rupert Fishermen's Co-op, Prince Rupert
1985, 1992 owner: R. Ubell, Prince Rupert
2006 owner: Parksville
2012 owner in Lantzville
pic from WF
176249 Prince Rupert
Glendale 1938 Arrandale
ABC Packing? Registered ca 1940.
1953 owner: H. Bell-Irving (ABC Packing)
172383 Prince Rupert
Gloworm 1937 Bella Coola

1953 owner: R. Minchin, Vancouver (115 hp) 192487 Vancouver
Golden Crest 1968 Prince Rupert Wahl Boatyard Ltd. 33 gillnet Bobby Wahl Registered March 11, 1968
1985 owner: L. Moody, Queen Charlotte City
1992, 2012 owner in Waglisla
327150 Prince Rupert
Gony 1930 Seal Cove McLeans 38.0x13.2x6.3 halibut Olof Andreasson 36 hp Rap engine, 50'. PRDN Feb 15, 1930.
1938 owner: Hunt, Prince Rupert
1953 owners: Olaf E. Andreassen et al, Prince Rupert
Rebuilt 1975
1985,1992 owner: Misty Moon Fishing, Vancouver. Reg. length = 39'
2007 owner on Denman Island
155185 Prince Rupert
Gosnell 1934 Prince Rupert
39.8x12.2x4.8 packer
1938 owner: T. Gosnell, Port Simpson
1946: Capt. Tom Gosnell [from Port Simpson] will be packing for Nelson Bros. Fisheries with his Gosnell. WF June 1946:46
1953 owner: Nelson Bros. Fisheries (30 hp)
158255 Prince Rupert
Granby 1927 Prince Rupert Dry Dock 74.7 x 17.0 x 9.3 yacht Granby Construction Called the finest powerboat built in Prince Rupert to that date. Original power: 120 hp Washington-Estep diesel, one of the first diesels to be installed in PR. Boat for company officials and also towing. (PR Daily News, Ap 16, 1927)
Source: 1927 List of Shipping
Bluebook lists Montreal as place built, but this likely refers to CNR headquarters. Later lists have Prince Rupert.
1953 owners: Quatsino Navigation, Vancouver (280 hp)
1985 owner: Granby Charters, Nanaimo.
Register closed June 26, 2000
153405 Vancouver
Grass (became Hesquiat Brave) 1937 / 1955 Prince Rupert Matsumoto, I.P. 32.6x11.0x4.4 (1953)

1953 owner (Grass) John Saldan, Prince Rupert (115 hp)
rebuilt, renamed.
1985, 2006 owner (Hesquiat Brave): P. Charleson, Tofino
Prince Rupert, Port Alberni
Green Sea 1960 Prince Rupert Kaien Industries 35
Tilley R. Lloyd 1985 owner: R. Ogden, Sooke
1992 owner: L. Kwasnycia, Sooke
2006, 2012 owner in Powell River
31304.3 Victoria
Gudvangen 1932 Prince Rupert

1953 owner: Arne Eyolfoson, Prince Rupert 156829 Prince Rupert
Gulvik 1929 Prince Rupert N.M. McLean 33 halibut Magnus Hveding Registered Dec. 16, 1929
35 hp Rap semi-diesel. PRDN Jan 11, 1930
bought by Carl Bygdnes, prob. in the 1930s, who sold it to Alfred Henricksen in 1941. PRDN Feb. 15, 1941.
1953 owner: Alfred Henricksen and Gunnar Pettersen, Prince Rupert (115 hp)
1985, 1992 owner: P. Peller, Vancouver
post-1992 to ca 2001 owner: Einer Johnson, Powell River
January 1 2008 wrecked during a storm in Oak Bay.
155184 Prince Rupert
Gunnie III (ex Cynic) 1938 Prince Rupert Matsimoto, J. [Matsumoto] 33

1953 owner: Peter Wikdal, Prince Rupert
1985, 1992 owner: R. Coulter, Ganges
2007, 2012 owners in North Vancouver
picture link
170533 Prince Rupert
Gurd Island
Oona River Rosang, Ole / Tysse, Rasmus
Ole Rosang built hull; Tysse built it into a troller

Gwen Rose (became Tanu Warrior) 1952 Massett Jones, George & Peter Jones 54.4x16.2x5.6 seine Peter Jones (Nelson Brothers Fisheries) 1953: Capt. Peter Jones, Massett, owns the 54' seiner Gwen Rose which was built by his dad, Geo. Jones, at Massett, powered with a 170 hp Caterpillar Diesel and equipped with a Spilsbury-Tindal radiophone. He did good on halibut fishing around the queen Charlottes; not so good on slamon seining. On the crew were Clive Edgar, Jack Edgar, Nelson White and Reg Davidson, all of Massett. (WF Decver 1953:18)
1953 owner (Gwen Rose): Nelson Brothers Fisheries (170 hp)
Name changed to Tanu Warrior (date?)
2007 owner in Nanaimo
2008 owner in Egmont
194979 Prince Rupert