Wooden Boats of the North Coast (and Beyond)— D,E

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Updated September 9, 2012
Names in blue indicate vessels believed to be still afloat

Name Date Built Where builit Builder Length Type Original Owner Notes Official No. Port of Registry
D.C.F. No. 1 1917 Georgetown
Deep C. Fisheries, Prince Rupert 1921 owner: Deep C. Fisheries, Prince Rupert 138180 Prince Rupert
D.S. 1950 Prince Rupert Wahl, Edward 29

Registered Jan 19, 1951
1985, 2006 owner: A. Williams, Kitimat
192089 Prince Rupert
D.T. 1927 Namu
39.6 x 10.8 x 4.9
Denzo Toyoda, Namu 1927, 1941 owner: Denzo Toyoda, Namu 154600 New Westminster
Dad-Son (ex Ricy-Son) 1959 Sointula

1985 owner (Dad-Son): E. Schuler, Nanaimo
1992 owner: C. Cootes, Nanaimo
312788 Vancouver
Daisy Leaf 1927 Arrandale
37.1 x 8.9 x 3.5 scout Henry Bell-Irving (ABC Packing) Built at Arrandale at the mouth of the Nass R. over the winter. Brought to PR drydock in May to have 100 hp Hall-Scott motor installed. PR Dailly News, May 7, 1927.
1927, 1948 owner: H. Bell Irving Co, Vancouver
154393 Prince Rupert
Daisy Mae II (ex Flash) 1945 Read Island

1948 owner (Daisy Mae II): Whiley Whittington, Read Island
1992 owner: Colin Ritchie, Denman Isalnd
176212 Vancouver
Skiakl Bay Anderson, Mike

Mike Anderson Mike Anderson was a fisherman who lived alone on the west coast of Stephens Island. In the 1940s, he built a boatshed and sawmill to cut his own lumber. He built a double-ender, called the Dandy.
1946: list in Prince Rupert city directory (BC Directories); residence on the Dandy.

Danzig 1959 Prince Rupert Ringholm, Ernest 32

1985 owner: A. Garcia, Merville
1992 owner: DAvid Welychko, Campbell River
2008 owner in Surrey
311895 Victoria
David O. 1951 Prince Rupert Olson, Lawrence 32

1985, 1992 owner: W. March, Courtenay 195775 Nanaimo
Davidson Girl 1952 Vancouver   51x34x21 seiner

Davidson Girl thumbnail1992 owner: BC Packers 194980 Prince
Debbie J. 1966 Prince Rupert Wahl Boat Yard Ltd. 38

1985, 1992 owner: Debbie J. Holdings, Victoria
2006 owner in Smithers
320920 Prince Rupert
Debut 1943 Prince Rupert

1948 owner: Fritz Grant, Vancouver 174917 Vancouver
Deena R. 1966 Prince Rupert Wahl 34

1985, 1992 owner: N. Mark, Masset
Registration closed November 20, 2000.
320923 Prince Rupert
Defiance II 1941 Masset

1948 owner: Charles Winpenny, Port Alberni
1985 owner: J. Offerein, Ucluelet
1992 owner: Deane Johnson, Ahousat
176651 Victoria
Del Rio 1961 Prince Rupert Wahl Boat Yard Ltd. 33

1985, 2006 owner: Z. Radman, Prince Rupert 330294 Prince Rupert
Delkatla 1927 Cow Bay, Prince Rupert McLeans 49.3 x 12.7 x 4.8 seine Langara Fishing & Packing, Masset 30 hp Imperial
In 1927, 1938 List of Shipping, listed as Delkalto,
1938, 1941 owner: Nootka Packing Co. Vancouver
1948 owner: Canadian Fishing Co.
154504 Prince Rupert
Delmac 1954? Port Edward Tasaka, Jack
gillnetter Henry MacKay, Greenville 1954: In Prince Rupert a short time ago and had a new Preway gas range installed by Ward Electric and Marine Supply. (WF Aug[?] 1954: 32)

Delores K. 1946 Refuge Cove

1948 owner: Alfred Keitlah, Ahousat
1985, 1992 owner: Penland Fishing, Delta
179403 Victoria
Delphinium 1912 Vancouver

Royal Fish Co. s service boat
chartered to Pacific Salvage for a month or so; delivered logs from Billmor to Brown s Mill. [date?]
1916 owner: Albert Snider, Vancouver. (pre-wreck length=47.5 )
1934: Massett Canners service boat; wrecked on White Sand Island in Hudson Bay Passage between Dundas Islands, was salvaged & towed to PR for possible repairs. (WF Nov 1934:18)
1941 owner: John Egeland, Sidney
1942 Delphinium lying half buried in sand on the west coast, will be salvaged by Nelson Bros Fisheries Ltd by dredging a channel through sand to boat and floating her out. WF Dec. 1942: 12
[not listed in 1954 List of Shipping
134063 Prince Rupert
Demerara 1975 Prince Rupert Wahl Boat Yard Ltd. 29

Registered 1981 11 23
1985 owner: Winged Isle Yacht Ent. Victoria
1992, 2006 owner in Quesnel
369701 Victoria
Oona River Group, John? 32
Emil Quist, Oona River Registration closed December 5, 1984
(search comes up for Quist as builder on Vessel reg. web)

Destiny 1966 Campbell River

1992 owner: Thomas Tynjala, Sointula 327205 Vancouver

Bruce Webb, Morse Cove, owner of this fast gillnetter able to steadily cruise at 12 kn. WF May 47:90.

Diamentina [Diamantina ] 1970 Oona River Letts / Roald De Champ 40

Oona list: East-coast style halibut and crab boat with east coast style wheelhouse. De Champ well-known Nova Scotia boatbuilder came west to build hull.

1985 owner: K. Deinstadt, Terrace. BB says 36 built in Terrace. Owners place of residence must have become confused with place built.
1987- rebuilt (in Terrace?)
1992 owner: JJFMD Fishing Co., Comox
344755 Prince Rupert
Diamond B. 1948 Masset Wylie, Alexander 42

1954: Ray Bentsen has his deep sea troller Diamond B out this year with Joe Delaney as partner. (WF Jy 1954:10)
1985 owner: Diamond B. Fishing Co. Nanaimo
Registration closed March 27, 1985

Richmond Archives link: http://www.richmond.ca/asp/archives_search/SingleImage.asp?Image=1999-0006-00550.jpg
190081 Prince Rupert
Diamond P. II (ex Lylann) 1940 Blind Channel
38.1x10.6x5.2 workboat
1948 owner (Lylann): George Jorgensen, Englewood
1992 owner (Daimond P. II): Paragon Supplies, Vancouver
173381 Vancouver
Diane B. ex Napes 1960 Quatsino

1985 owner: Tri-Kev Fishing Co. Prince Rupert 188312 Vancouver
Dicky Boy 1926 Metlakatla Leighton, Petter [?] 38
Peter Leighton 1948: Captain Peter Leighton has rebuilt his packer Dicky Boy. (The Native Voice, July, 1948, p. 16.
1985, 1992 owner: D. Zroback, Powell River
194987 Prince Rupert
Distant Drummer II 1979 Oona River Clark, Martyn 30

1985 owner: Colin Gordon, Prince Rupert
1992 owner: David Haugan, Prince Rupert
392906 Prince Rupert
Dixie Rupert 1909 Vancouver

1916 owner: Reginald Newcomb, Prince Rupert
1941, 1948 owner: Axel Enocksen, Prince Rupert
138173 Prince Rupert
Dolless (ex Teddy Boy) 1933 Oona River Group, John 30

1985 owner: A. Larsen, Ucluelet
1992 owner (Dolless): Ernest Wouters, Campbell River
2006 owner: Parksville
176257 Victoria

H. Gordon, Kitkatla In PR from Kitkatla for engine repairs. PRDN Jan 31, 1925

Dolso 1945 Sointula Anderson, John 1945

1985, 1992 owner: V. McArthur, Union Bay
Registration closed March 18 2004
192518 Vancouver
Domino II 1914 Port Essington Wahl? 37.0x11.0x4.0 halibut
Registered 1929
1938 owner: Haldor Wahl, Prince Rupert
1941 owner: Egil Teigen, Digby Island
1948 owner: Arild Horg, Vancouver
155154 Prince Rupert
Don Jose 1958 Prince Rupert Wahl Boatyard Ltd. 31

Registered July 17, 1959
1985 owner: Cassiar Pacing Co.
1992 owner: David Williams, Kitwanga
2006 owner: Kitwanga
311894 Prince Rupert
Don Marie 1936 Massett Wilfred Bennett? 42.3x12.8x5.0

1938, 1948 owner: Wilfred Bennett, Massett 159033 Prince Rupert
Don Q


Klemtu The Don Q from Klemtu has been in for extensive repairs at the Suga yards. PRDN Jy 18, 1931

Dora II 1927 Massett White, Henry? 37.6 x 11.7 x 3.5
Henry White, Massett Source: 1927 List of Shipping 154514 Prince Rupert
Osland Sakamoto

Andy Erlendson, Osland pic. page 56, Memories of Osland.

Doreen II

Kitkatla repaired at Suga yards. PRDN May 23 1924.

Doric G. 1942 Prince Rupert

1948 owner: Randel Christney, Bamfield 173503
Doris II 1934 Prince Rupert Wahl 31

1941, 1948 owner: Kristian Berge, Prince Rupert
1985, 1992 owner: Lyco Fish Ltd. Prince Rupert
Closed April 10, 2003
170923 Prince Rupert
Doroth Kalon / Dorthkalon 1916 Prince Rupert
TA Kelly Logging 1921 owner: T. A. Kelly Logging 138677 Prince Rupert
Dorothy Engvick (became Olympia No. 3) 1921 Prince Rupert
33.5 x 10.5 x 4.7

1927 0wner: Engvick Ltd, Vancouver
Source: 1927 List of Shipping
Capt. A. J. Engvick of the packer Dorothy Engvick is back in town after summer packing on the West Coast. Roy Olen was his engineer this year. They habe been overhauling the engine. WF Dec 1942
1953 owner (Olympia No. 3): Johan Wolff, Vancouver
153289 Vancouver
Dorothy H 1928 Cardero Channel

1938 owner: Gerald Hewlett, Cobble HIll 157115 Victoria
Douglas Fir 1919 Thurston Bay Forest Services 27.6x8.6x4.6
Minister of Lands 1938, 1941 owner: Minister of Lands 141422 Victoria
Dovre B 1936 Vancouver

1941 owner: Anton Martinusen, Prince Rupert
1992 owner: Natasha Trading Corp, Prince Rupert
158899 Prince Rupert
Drott 1927 Lewis Island Rosang, Emil 32.1x9.8x4.6 halibut Fritz Peterson 1938, 1941 owner: F. Peterson, Prince Rupert
1948 owner: Julius Pederson, Prince Rupert
Dual (became Elsa Mary) 1946 Prince Rupert Wahl, Edward 36

1985 owner: J. Winslow, North Vancouver
1992 owner (Dual): James ?Winslow, Ladysmith
2006 owner: Vancouver
176241 Victoria
Duchess II 1941 Cascade Harbour Cholberg, Chris 32

1948 owner: Wilfred Haapala, Nanaimo
1985 owner: M. Laukkanen, Victoria
1992 owner: Westham Island Enterprises, Delta
178869 Nanaimo
Dungeness 1952 Masset Wylie, Alex 56
Sam Simpson, Masset 1953:[In Vancouver] Sam Simpson of the Queen Charlotte Canners Ltd. with his new modern cab fishing vessel Dungeness. This 60 x16 x7 6 vessel of all yellow cedar construction was designed by Alec Wylie and was built up at the Company plant. Powered with a 150hp Murphy Diesel, equipped with a Bendix Sounder and Spillsbury-Tindal Radiophone in the pilot house. The vessel is skippered by his son, Gene Simpson and with him on the crew is Wm. Wyle of Massett, and Charlie Mordaunt of Prince Rupert. (WF Dec53:20)
1985 owner: Noel Stewart-Burton, Masset
194977 Prince Rupert
Dvina 1948 Prince Rupert Crawley Didricksen Cow Bay Boatworks 37 troller Harold Childs Harold Childs has his Dvina out this year trolling. His daughter Ella has made a few trips with her Dad this year. (WF Jy 54:10)
1948 owner: Harold Childs, Prince Rupert
1985, 1992 owner: R. Krause, Prince Rupert
Registration closed February 27, 2004
178304 Prince Rupert
E. Aquilla 1975 Prince Rupert
33x12x10 yacht
1992 owner: Lyle Hircock, Victoria 384068 Victoria
E. H. Cameron 1961 Heriot Bay

1985 owner: R. Harry, Campbell River
1992 owner: Roderick Bodmer, Gibsons
314781 Vancouver
Eagle 1923
McLeans overhaul

Red Pierce thoroughly overhauled and recaulked PRDN Dec. 22, 1923

Early Spring 1941 Sointula Peterson, Edwin 32 troller
1941 owner: Paul Perttula, Vancouver
1948 owner: Hubert Yates, Vancouver
1985, 1992 owner: J. Hunsberger, Parksville
173407 Vancouver
Early Spring No. 1 1945 Sidney

1948 owner: Paul Perttula, Vancouver
1992 owner: Donald Breeden, Campbell River
174045 Victoria
Eden Lake 1976 Queen Charlotte Christensen, Harold 36

1985, 2012 owner: Acquiline Investments, Comox 369705 Prince Rupert
Edenshaw 1922 Massett
52 x 14 x 6.6 seine Capt. Henry Edenshaw, Masset In PR to have electrical work done. PRDN Oct. 11, 1924.
1927 owner: F. Buckley.
Seineboat and packer. PRDN Sept. 12, 1931.
1932: Capt. Henry Edenshaw is packing salmon from the Queen Charlottes to Butedale for the Canadian Fishing Co. aboard of the Edenshaw. (WF June 1932: 25)
1938 owner: Douglas Edenshaw. Massett
150851 Prince Rupert
Edgewater 1972 Oona River Letts / Roald De Champ

Oona list: East-coast style halibut and crab boat. De Champ well-known Nova Scotia boatbuilder came west to build hull. Similar to Diamentina but with western wheelhouse. (Oona River list)

Edith L. / Jacinto Isle 1958 Masset Smith, Richard Otto 38

1985 owner: R. Weatherell, Chemainus 189631 Nanaimo
Edith Marie (ex Barvida) 1954 Cow Bay Crawley Didricksen Cow Bay Boatworks 31 (9.72m) ferry
Registered Oct 4, 1954
1985 owner: Prince Rupert
1992 owner (Edith Marie): James Greer, Prince Rupert
2006: Prince Rupert
195767 Prince Rupert
Edward Lipsett 1922 Cow Bay, Prince Rupert McLeans 36 x 11.9 x 5 halibut John Peterson PR Daily News, Ja 7, Ja 28, Feb 4, 1922
1927 owner: Jacob K. Iverson et al, Prince Rupert
1938, 1941 owner: Olaf Skog, Prince Rupert
1948 owner: Ray Fossum, Prince Rupert
150671 Prince Rupert
Edward Wahl (became Panda No. 2) 1945 Dodge Cove Wahls 40
H. E. Henry Wahl Chrysler 11 [sic. prob s/b 110 hp] PRDN Mar 30, 1946
1953 owner (Panda No. 2): Arthur Fenwick, Victoria
1985 owner: K. Farrington, Haney
Registration closed May 29, 1998

[pic from WF jn 46]
175460 Victoria
Edward White 1923 Campbell River Edward Painter 31.0x9.4x5.0 mission United Church of Canada 1941 owner: United Church of Canada
1948 owner: George Tite, Bella Bella
1992 owner: Yvon Ricard, Powell River
151119 Vancouver
Eesti 1947 Oona River

1985, 1992 owner: Harry Martin, Skidegate
Closed April 20, 1999
189616 Prince Rupert
Oona River Quist, Emil

30-32 double-ender

El Alamein (became Merilda II) 1945 Sointula Jarvis, Laurie 39

1948 owner: George English, Victoria
1985, 1992 owner (Merilda II): W. Dunan, Victoria
175719 Victoria
El Nino 1974 Oona River Hanson / Roald De Champ 44
Cliff Acker 45 east-coast style. Oak ribs, mahognay planking, 18 beam and topped with a west coast wheelhouse. Last boat to come from Hanson shed.
Oona River list says 1973.
1985, 1992 owner: Jamaica Fishing Co. Prince Rupert
348046 Prince Rupert
Elbeth 1948 Namu

1953 owner: Elmer J. Avery, Namu 190600 Vancouver
Eldo (became Northern Gale) 1948 Port Hardy

1985, 1992 owner (Northern Gale): P. Mason, Bella Bella 190579 Vancouver
Elfie 1961 Kitimat

1985, 1992 owner: S. Knott, Victoria 322457 Vancouver
Elida 1919, 1956 Prince Rupert Orwig, T. M. 31

Registered ca. 1943
1948, 1953 owner: R. Hudson, Prince Rupert
rebuilt 1956.
1985, 2007 owner: C. Lindman, Terrace
174916 Prince Rupert
Eljac (ex Miss Mary Beth; Charles Todd) 1914, 1946 Vancouver, Bella
W. R. Menchions 45.3x17.9x4.1

1953 owner: Pacifc Mills Ltd. (Ocean Falls)
1953 List of Shipping says rebuilt 1946 in Bella Bella.
Vessel Registry online has current name as Eljac, previously named Miss Mary Beth.
2007 owner in New Westminster.

Eljac picture link http://www.richmond.ca/asp/archives_search/SingleImage.asp?Image=1999-0006-00622.jpg

reg. link: http://www.tc.gc.ca/ShipRegistry/detail.asp?lang=e&VesselID=148&category=all
134087 Vancouver
Elk Falls 1950 Quathiaski Cove

1985, 1992 owner: Joseph Townsend, Heriot Bay 322061 Nanimo
Elsa Mary (ex Dual) 1946 Prince Rupert Wahl, Edward 36

1985 owner: J. Winslow, North Vancouver
1992 owner (Dual): James ?Winslow, Ladysmith
2006 owner: Vancouver
176241 Victoria
Emblem I 1927 Prince Rupert Dry dock 52.1 x 14.8 x 6.5 halibut Haaton Lund to have 45 hp Fairbanks-Morse semi-diesel. PR Daily News, Ap 16, June 25, 1927.
1927 List of Shipping has name as Emblen I and owner as Pietro S. Bruno, PR.
154510 Prince Rupert
Emerald 1926 Lewis Island Rosang 30

Registered in the 1950s (after 1953)
1985 owner: A. Wilkins, Port Hardy.
Registration closed Oct 15, 1996
195774 Prince Rupert
Emerald Bay
Shushartie Bay Cholberg Shipyards
1946: Fred Sacht, Kelsey Bay, owns the troller Emerald Bay, built at Cholberg Shipyards, Shushartie Bay. (WF June 1946: 110)

Emil C. 1947 Prince Rupert (Digby Island) Carlson, John Emil 32
John E. Carlson, Digby Island 1948, 1953 owner: John E. Carlson, Digby Island
1985, 2007 owner: W. Charles, Masset
177977 Prince Rupert
Endeavour (ex Western Viking) 1967, 1998 Prince Rupert Prince Rupert Boatyard Ltd Wahl 58

Western Viking one of two largest boats built by Wahls.(See Ryan Wahl, Legacy in Wood)
1992 owner (Western Viking): Titan Fishing, Sooke.
Rebuilt 1998.
2006 owner (Endeavour): in Nanaimo.
Registration closed February 2008.
327147 Prince Rupert
Endvour 1941 Skidegate

1948 owner: Frank Gale Jr., Skidegate
1992 owner: Harold Cartwright, Victoria
173507 Victoria
Equalizer (ex Jones Pride) 1977 Victoria Thames Boatworks

equalizer thumbnail1992 owner: G. Smith, Qualicum Beach
2012 owner in Victoria
372397 Nanaimo
Equinox 1968 Oona River Hanson 40 troller Mike Lemon, Oona River Frames from Jan Michele used but stern changed to a stave type, planked with yellow cedar.
1985 registered length: 36
1992 owner: Mike Lemon
327156 Prince Rupert
Equity (ex Cloudia O.) 1964 Prince Rupert Prince Rupert Boatyard Ltd Wahl 37

1985 owner: Iver Ostrom, Prince Rupert
1992 owner (Equity): B & D Fishing, Nanaimo
Closed June 19, 2005
320892 Prince Rupert
Escapade 1960 Prince Rupert Wahl Boatyard Ltd. 48 troller Leo Carter, Vancouver Launched March 1960, and said to be BC s largest troller at the time. See article in Western Fisheries, August, 2006, p. 32.
1985, 1992 owner: D. Larden, Richmond
2006 owner: Escapade Fishing, Delta

have scanned pics
313045 Vancouver
Eskimo 1941 Prince Rupert Matsumoto 44.7x14.1x 6.6 Seine BC Packers

1941, 1953, 1985 owner: BC Packers
1991 converted to prawn fishing
1992 owner: S & S Fishing, White Rock
2006 owner: Hagensborg
Alan Haig-Brown image

173608 Vancouver
Esquire 1942 Prince Rupert

1948 owner: Lorraine Lewis, Vancouver
1953 owner Constance Moore, Vancouver
1985, 1992 owner: J. Morgan, Union Bay
Closed Jy 23, 2001
173509 Vancouver / Nanaimo
Essington 1931 Prince Rupert Dry Dock 100.0 x 29.0 x 5.3 (120 x 30) sternwheeler Government of Canada New snag scow to replace Bobolink launched at dry dock Ap. 4/31. PRDN April 4, 1931
1938, 1948: Minister of Public Works
156817 Prince Rupert
Esther D. 1947 Port Alice

1985 owner: R. Robertson, Vancouver 178222 Vancouver
Esther K. 1919 Sea Island

1921 owner: Ernest Keller, Vancouver
(not in 1938 list)
Ethel June 1919 Vancouver

1938 owner: Gideon Lofurgey, Butedale 141297 Prince Rupert
Etta White 1871 Freeport, WA
93x19.6x9 tug
1916 owner: Great Northern Transfer Lt. Vancouver 64154 Vancouver
Eva 1891 New Westminster
56x14x5 tug
1916 owner: Eugene McMullen, Vancouver
1941 owners: Comox Logging and Railway Co.
96991 Vancouver
Eva D. 1927 Cape Mudge

1941, 1948 owner: John Dick, Quathiaski Cove 154367 Vancouver
Eva Jean 1950 Rivers Inlet ? Gidlof, Gustav 35.8 x 10.2 x 5.1

1953 list of vessels says built in Rovers Inlet but on-line registry says address of builder is Vancouver.
1953 owner: A. McCorkell, Vancouver
2007 owner: Campbell River
193492 Vancouver
Evelyn May 1940 Cascade Harbour Cholberg, C 31.9x9.2x4.3 troller
1941 owner: Arne Larsen, Half Moon Bay
1948, 1953 owner: BC Packers
1985 owner: P. Ullman, Victoria
1992 owner: J. McCarthy, Ucluelet
2008 owner in Ucluelet
172332 Port Alberni
Oona River Group, John 29

Evian (ex Stavanger) 1946 Oona River Group, John 35.0 x 10.4 x 5.0 troller Julius Hadland, Oona River Oona list says Stravenger, blue book says Stavenger.
pic in WF Feb 47: 42.
1948 owner: Peter Anderson, Prince Rupert
1953 owner: John Carpenter, Prince Rupert
1985, 1992 owner (Evian): R. Foster, Port Alberni
Registry suspended Nov. 14, 2003
176250 Prince Rupert